Fernandina Beach Police Department and Nassau County Sheriff’s Office working together

Press release City of Fernandina Beach Police Department

Submitted by James T. Hurley, Police Chief


The Fernandina Beach Police Department and the Nassau County Sheriff’s Office have reached an agreement which will allow both agencies to temporarily combine efforts during special operations, whether within the City of Fernandina Beach or in unincorporated Nassau County.

Both Sheriff Bill Leeper and Police Chief Jim Hurley point to this memorandum of understanding as a major step toward improved interagency cooperation and said that this agreement will lead to an increase in overall law enforcement efficiency.

Some residents have already seen evidence of this cooperation as the two agencies collaborated in a joint traffic enforcement operation last Friday.  Future plans include working together to improve communications, training, narcotics enforcement, and other critical law enforcement functions.

February 5, 2013 4:41 p.m.

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