Details uncovered including previous Las Vegas bank heist for First Coast Community Bank’s alleged bank robber Hagen

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Deborah Lavery Powers
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Click here for link to Las Vegas Sun article on previous Hagen arrest.

Mandy Hagen
Mandy Hagen

A bank robbery occurred on 4 March at First Coast Community Bank. (Click here for previous story)

Suspected robbers Chance Tyler Bennett and Mandy Elizabeth Hagen were quickly apprehended due to the combined efforts of County deputies and City officers.

Just prior to picking up Bennett and Smith, a different individual — who fit the description of Bennett then available, appeared “nervous”, and was in the area the robbers were believed to be — was pulled over in a felony traffic stop and placed in the back of a patrol car for safety reasons until positive identification could be made. He was immediately released when a picture of Bennett became available.

Police suspected that the robbers might be in one of two cars allowed over Shave Bridge when the barricade was set up on the island side. Officers followed the vehicles and apprehended the suspects in one of the cars — at a traffic stop set up on the far side of the bridge by County deputies.

Chance T. Bennett
Chance T. Bennett

Bennett, when apprehended, was sitting in the front passenger seat and had what could have been a weapon concealed on his person. He did not get out of the vehicle as ordered to do. He was consequently “escorted to the ground” and handcuffed. When Bennet was patted down, the concealed item turned out to be a large plastic bag “containing what appeared to be the stolen money.”

Bennett and Hagen were both arrested for Armed Robbery and remain in custody at the Nassau County Detention Facility. Bennett’s bond was set at $150,002, and Hagen’s at $100,002..

Bennett’s police record shows arrests for Grand Theft and Dealing in Stolen Property. (Click here for previous Fernandina Observer article.)

Nassau County records indicate the following out-of-state arrests for Mandy Elizabeth Hagen: “Violation of Probation Robbery, Kidnapping (2nd degree), and Stop Required on Sig of Law Enforcement Officer.” Police in Henderson, Nevada, confirmed that one Mandy Elizabeth Hagen, of the same current age and physical description as our suspected bank robber, had been arrested in July 2008, suspected — amongst other things — of armed robbery, kidnapping, and failing to stop on the signal of a police officer.   The Las Vegas Sun reported details of the story on July 14, 2008.

March 11, 2013 6:01 p.m.

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Susan Parry
Susan Parry(@ssparrybellsouth-net)
10 years ago

Curiosity is getting the best of us!!!!!!!!!! What is going into the old Pizza Hut location on
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