Deputy shot during traffic stop ‘not going to survive,’ Nassau sheriff says

Nassau County Deputy Josh Moyers
3:02 p.m.
September 25, 2021

Despite heroic efforts from the medical staff at UF Health in Jacksonville, Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper has reported that 29 year-old Deputy Josh Moyers, who was shot twice during a traffic stop in Callahan yesterday, will not be able to survive his injuries.  Leeper reported that the Deputy is being kept alive so that matches for his donated organs can be found, at the family’s request.

Leeper thanked the Nassau County Community for their “outpouring of support.”

The alleged shooter remains at large.

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Harold Shannon
Harold Shannon (@guest_62618)
2 years ago

A real hero to the very end! Thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Go with God and rest in peace.

chuck hall
chuck hall(@bob)
2 years ago

God bless this young man’s family. May justice be served.

Richard Pra
Richard Pra (@guest_62624)
2 years ago

Prayers for this Officer’s family. Hope they find the shooter soon.

Sgt. Richard P. Pra, NYPD (Ret.)

Atlanta, Ga