COVID-19 vaccine hesitant? Dr Zha answers your questions

September 4, 2021

Editor’s Note:  I met Zed when she was a college student and came to Fernandina Beach to give a lecture on “Free Clinics.”  She is a remarkable woman.  After receiving her medical degree from Dartmouth, she is now Dr. Mengyi (Zed) Zha, M.D.   For individuals who are concerned about getting vaccinated, Dr. Zha can help alleviate your fears.  Dr Zha is now on the staff at CBHA in Washington State.


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Mark Tomes
Trusted Member
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
2 years ago

This is excellent info, and has all been out there for months. Anti-Vaccers will find plenty to dispute Dr. Zha’s message, using their own Internet quack sources. They are not rational, and rational messages won’t work. There are two things that will get almost all people who have not gotten the vaccine to get one: 1) Give financial support to those who are afraid that any side effects will cause them to miss work, lose their job, have to pay for childcare, etc., and 2) mandate vaccines to be in public. For the latter, it’s a matter of telling people they have to do it. Just like my three-year-old toddler granddaughter, who is self-centered and thinks the world revolves around her, she just needs to be told what to do sometimes.

Drew Skonberg
Drew Skonberg(@skonberg)
2 years ago

Seems you are censoring feedback except for the pro-vaxx comment.

Susan Steger
Susan Steger(@co-editor-2)
2 years ago
Reply to  Drew Skonberg

If a post appeared without a full name, it will be taken down. An email is sent to the anonymous person to give them an opportunity submitted their full name. Often, the email is returned because there is no such email address. If you tell me which message you believe we have pulled, let me know.