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dale martin

By Dale Martin, City Manager

Each month, I have the department directors prepare a monthly report summarizing activities and key projects from the previous month. Each director is limited to one page of a standard format. The reports are intended to share city staff efforts and accomplishments. I ask that the reports not simply be a recitation of statistics but offer “talking points” of interest to the City Commissioners and the local media. Printed copies of the reports are presented to the City Commissioners and the media at the second meeting of each month. Electronic copies are distributed to city staff as part of the city’s internal monthly newsletter.

This year, to further describe city efforts, the department directors have been tasked to prepare an annual report for their respective departments. Each director was asked to provide a three-page report: one page reviewing the accomplishments of the previous fiscal year, one page describing the expected efforts and projects for the current year, and a final page offering insight to long-term opportunities and challenges.

Upon review of other communities’ formats, however, a report with three-to-five pages for each department would be cumbersome. City staff has examined other similar municipal annual reports and will likely revise the format to be more streamlined and easier to read.

Also to be included in the report is a list of City Commissioners and staff rosters (including position and years of service) of each department. Photos of various projects and staff will supplement the highlights and narratives. Some limited financial and other data will likely be included as well.

Directors will be scheduled to present a summary of their annual report during the morning session of the City Commissioners’ annual visioning session (tentatively scheduled for Feb. 8). This will be an opportunity to share department level insights with the City Commissioners before they work in the afternoon to develop their goals for the next fiscal year.

Furthermore, it is intended that the annual report will be published for distribution to the community. I have had preliminary discussions with Mr. Foy Maloy, publisher of the News-Leader, about printing and inserting the annual report into an edition of the News-Leader. Additional copies will be available for the public at various city offices.

This will be the first effort with such a publication, so I hope that, when available, you will take the opportunity to get a copy and then take the time to read and review the information. Your feedback and comments will be welcomed after the report is distributed: what other information would you like to see added, what did you think of the format, was the information easy to understand, etc.?

Since the City Commission’s annual visioning session is typically in late January (scheduling conflicts have led to the later date this year), the intent will be to have next year’s report completed and published prior to the end of the calendar year. With the fiscal year ending in September, the three remaining months of the calendar year should provide ample time to review and summarize the accomplishments and still provide timely insights for the remainder of the current fiscal year.

REMINDER: On Christmas Day, Sunday, Dec. 25, I will be hosting the third Community Christmas Potluck dinner. All members of the community are invited to participate. The first two dinners (2018 and 2019) each drew about 70-80 people. Participants are encouraged to bring a dish to share, but a dish is not required. At this time, I have “pledges” for two turkeys and a ham, so the meat portion of the meal should likely be covered (more is welcome). A few others have indicated that they will provide salads or side dishes. Participants are encouraged to bring their own table service.

I have a generous $500 private donation (thank you, Ms. M.R.) as well as a $50 donation from Fire Chief Ty Silcox and his wife Ladonna. I’ll use these funds for some tableware, drinks, and other accompaniments that are often overlooked: rolls, butter, dressings, etc. If it appears we’ll come up short on some foods, I’ll have the opportunity to supplement our table.

The event will be from 2-5 p.m. at the Nassau County Council on Aging (1901 Island Walk Way). I’ll likely open the facility around noon for set-up. Volunteers are obviously welcome. I’ll plan for dinner service to be from 2:30-4:30, but food will be available for as long as people are enjoying each other’s company and the food. All leftovers are provided to the Salvation Army and Hope House.

I look forward to hosting this wonderful celebration of community again. Please join me.

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Kenneth Roy Nestor
Kenneth Roy Nestor(@royboy)
1 year ago

What a wonderful idea of requiring Departmental Annual and Monthly Reports that are not uneccessarily complex and highly analytical. Just tell us “citizens” what has happened of importance, what is happening now, and what may happen going forward. The community dinner is wonderful. I love Fernandina Beach. It’s very real, honest and friendly! Thank you so much and Merry Christmas to all!

Pierre Laberge
Pierre Laberge (@guest_66666)
1 year ago

First of all thank you very for the event . We are from Montreal Canada but we,re renting a house on the beach since 9 years we love Fernandina Beach,.We have friends on the island but with that kind of freezin weather they all left to go south for Holidays , we were by ourselves so we were very pleased to meet people on Christmas day. Food was fantastic all sort of different dish. IT was marvelous, so thank you again and if God permit it we should come back next year and attend to your Christmas pot luck , such a great idea share food with people …Pierre Laberge ans Francine Durocher

Kathleen Ponder
Kathleen Ponder (@guest_66688)
1 year ago

What’s happening with the Jasmine St beach access ratings by the Dept of Health? Why has this info not been posted at the beach?