City Damage Report Following Tropical Storm Beryl

By Susan Hardee Steger
May 28, 2012


With sustained winds clocked at 44 mph, and gusts up to 55.2, tropical storm Beryl brought down trees, power lines, and caused fairly significant damage throughout Fernandina Beach.   City staff worked through the night clearing debris from road ways.

Tree Clips House at Oak Grove Place in Fernandina

A summation of damage taken from a report  provided by  City of Fernandina Police Chief Hurley follows:

In the heavily wooded section of Oak Grove Place, a tree fell on a home and close by a large limb fell barely missing a car.  Another tree fell on a home causing minor damage in the 600 block of Elm Street. On Callie Corte Street, a tree fell on a home causing minor damage.  On South 7th Street a tree fell on a vehicle causing moderate to severe damage.

At Emma Love Hardee and Susan Drive, a power pole fell in the roadway.   In the 1000 block of North 14th Street, a power line fell on a home (no fire damage). At N 13th Street and Atlantic Avenue a power line fell causing arcing resulting in a fire on the pole. The Mantazas Avenue area saw two power poles down, and one resulted in a ground fire.
South Fletcher Avenue suffered the most significant damage.  A roof blew off a home in the 300 block of South Fletcher, and in the 2700 block, a porch roof was removed by the heavy wind.

At the downtown Hampton Inn and Suites, an awning broke free and hit vehicles in the parking lot. A light pole came down in the parking lot at Eight Flags Shopping Center .
Trees fell obstructing roads at S.4th and Ash, Robert Oliver Avenue North, North 14th and North 14 St Place, North 8th and Alachua, Via Del Ray and the Parkway, and a partial obstruction at North 18th and Atlantic Avenue.

The Fernandina Observer will follow with a post regarding storm damage at the city marina.

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