City commission candidate John Campbell Elwell answers how to increase city revenue to avoid tax increases

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John Elwell and family – Candidate Group 5

John Elwell

What are your ideas for increasing city revenues to avoid raising taxes?

“City revenues are currently based on property taxes, franchise and impact fees, user fees for city services, and interest generated from investments. The fact is that revenue has been declining for 5 years but the expense side of the ledger has not been meaningfully reduced. That said, every fee that the city charges for discretionary programs needs to be updated and monitored for cost effectiveness. Non city residents should pay significantly more for programs than city tax payers.  Essential services need to be identified and discretionary/non essential services and programs need to be thoroughly studied for viability. The budget needs to balance without raising taxes and reducing reserves (our savings account) while maintaining essential public services.”

Editor’s Note:  This is the fourth question in a series of five posed to candidates for the Fernandina Beach City Commission.   The answers come to our readers unedited and in the candidates own words.  We rotate the order of candidates from week to week.  Ed Boner and incumbent Tim Poynter will seek Group 4, John Campbell Elwell and Pat K Gass will seek  Group 5.

October 3, 2012 6:12 a.m.

October 3, 2012