City commission candidate John Campbell Elwell identifies biggest opportunity facing the city and how to take advantage of it

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John Campbell Elwell, Candidate Group 5

John Campbell Elwell, Candidate Group 5

What do you see as the biggest opportunity facing the city of Fernandina Beach today and how would you take advantage of it?

“Our biggest opportunity is increasing the tourism for our city. By promoting our naturally beautiful  destination city, local business can capture increased tourist dollars that could go elsewhere. We need to support and partner with all the businesses that are involved in tourist activities as well as continuing to advertise our local airport, marina, golf course, and beaches. Events, festivals, tournaments, races, concerts, and shows need to be encouraged and supported by all our citizens and city commissioners.”


Editor’s Note:  This is the third question in a series of five posed to candidates for the Fernandina Beach City Commission.   The answers come to our readers unedited and in the candidates own words.  We rotate the order of candidates from week to week.  Ed Boner and incumbent Tim Poynter will seek Group 4, John Campbell Elwell and Pat K Gass will seek  Group 5.

September 25, 2012 6:35 a.m.

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