Circle K to the rescue!

Submitted by Rosemary Slattery
Cats Angels, Inc. SPCA
January 12, 2021


Circle K employees Brandy and Danny working the late night shift proud to help!

During late December 2020, Circle K employees notified Cat’s Angels, SPCA, Inc of several stray community cats near their store.  Cat’s Angels volunteer trappers, Julie Cutt and Rose Slattery worked many evenings through the early morning hours trying to catch them with the assistance of the diligent workers at Circle K alerting Rose Slattery when they entered the trap so as to not have them remain outside overnight.    A big thanks to the Circle K Team; Amaya, Danny, Brandy, and Ruby!  Without people like these concerned citizens these Community Cats would end up being neglected.

A beautiful white/red tabby male and black female were neutered and spayed last week thanks to a grant to Cat’s Angels.  This grant was awarded to Cat’s Angels. Florida Animal Friend Board of Directors receives funds from the sales of specialty license plates sponsoring organizations. This grant was awarded to Cat’s Angels to financially assist with defraying the costs of spay/neuter to help with the overpopulation of community cats. 

Rose Slattery releases neutered cat to run free.

Cat’s Angels is seeking more folks from the community to help us with the Trap Neuter Release (TNR) Program of community cats of Nassau County, we cannot do it alone. We have the funds to help many more community cats, but we need your help. It is extremely rewarding to see these community cats being helped rather than being euthanized.  For more information call Cat’s Angels at 904-321-2267 and leave us a message regarding the TNR Program.  We want to hear from you!

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chuck hall
chuck hall(@bob)
3 years ago

Finally! Something we can all be proud of together.

Great efforts by all.

Lynda H Bell
Lynda H Bell(@lyndabell)
3 years ago

Thank you Cat Angels and your volunteers, and the Circle K team! What a great program!