Charlie George to Take Over as Interim Manager 38 Days Early

Interim City Manager Mark Foxworth is stepping down early, on April 14, to let the next interim Deputy City Manager Charlie George, take over.

In a letter to city commissioners and staff department heads, he gave three reasons:

“–Saving our taxpayers from paying two executive level salaries.

“–Allowing Mr. George to manage the 2023/2024 budget process in its entirety.

“–Allowing Mr. George to be the only interim city manager to interact with the City Manager Search Committee on behalf of the staff.”

He said the city is in good hands with George and the department heads: “The city will do well under Mr. George’s leadership, not just because he has a good grasp of the operations of the city but also because each one of you is a strong, dedicated leader. The citizens of our community are fortunate to have such a professional team serving on their behalf.”  

Foxworth’s interim manager contract was for 90 days, but, he said, “I have gone from the 90-day city manager to the 52-day city manager.”

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Guest (@guest_68190)
1 year ago

Nah. There’s more to the story. The timing of such an organized strategy like this doesn’t happen suddenly like this. Hoping the city attorney will be the next to go.

Richard Lamken
Richard Lamken(@ralamken)
1 year ago

Mr. Foxworth is giving the city a gift and his three reasons are on point. May God bless Mr. George during this critical time for Fernandina Beach.

Patricia Kaminski
Patricia Kaminski (@guest_68209)
1 year ago

I hope there are many more people like Mr. Foxworth, who has put the city’s welfare first. Thank you Mr. Foxworth for your service when it was needed.

Marlene Chapman
Marlene Chapman(@crew2120)
1 year ago

Our city is in such an unbelievable state of confusion and most citizens are not even aware of this fact. I understand how busy people can be, but this is such a critical time, and everyone needs to pay attention and know what is going on! Does anyone care that there is an amazing amount of taxpayer dollars wasted each and every day? The shameful lack of accountability in regard to hours we pay people to work when they are not even at work is costing us hundreds of thousands of dollars! We all need to wake up, demand answers and hold people accountable for their jobs. The outlook right now is that as long as a job gets done, it doesn’t matter who does it. This is beyond disgraceful and must stop! We pay people to put in the time at their desk, to do their job as hired and not pass the buck but this is not what is happening. Records are only as good as the people who keep them but when you have people who are not truthful with their records, what good is that? This is why accountability is SO important! Time to step up, speak up or give up, which will it be?