Candidate Kimberly Joyce Fahlgren District 4

Kimberly Joyce Fahlgren

Kimberly Fahlgren, Candidate District 4

School Board Candidate District 4

Kimberly Fahlgren declined the Fernandina Observer’s request to submit answers to questions.




Editor’s Note:  At the request of many of our readers, the Fernandina Observer submitted a list of five questions to school board candidates.  Since the election is almost upon us, we will post three answers today, and the remainder next Thursday for your review.  The Fernandina Observer is not endorsing any candidate.  Our goal is to inform and educate our readership. 

District 2 candidates are Gail Cook and John Pulice, and District 4 candidates are Kimberly Fahlgren and Russell L. Johnson.

October 11, 2012 7:00 a.m.