Candidate John Pulice, District 2 responds to questions

Submitted by John Pulice

Nassau County School Board Candidate District 2

John Pulice, Candidate District 2

What experience do you bring to the job?

“My educational background is very important. I have a college degree and a fifth year teaching specialist degree however, I have two additional areas of strength that qualify me to seek the position of Nassau County School Board.  First, I was a classroom teacher / athletic coach in Nassau County for 6 years.  During these 6 years as a teacher I had a wide range of experiences.  I taught and coached at two schools on opposite sides of the county, West Nassau HS and Fernandina Beach HS.  Additionally, I taught math for 4 years and special needs students for 2 years.  I have 6 years of work experience and understand how students, parents, teachers, and administrators must work together to improve our children s education.  Second, I have been in the private business sector in Nassau County for 28 years.  I have managed Amelia Realty, served as president of various organizations and held many leadership rolls during my tenure.  I understand budgeting and money management.  My involvement as a business leader combined with 11 years of education and teaching experience makes me the most qualified candidate for the position.”

What is your opinion of the textbook selection procedure in place for the NassauCounty School System? Are these procedures acceptable to you?  If not, what changes would you make and why?

“First of all we must start at the state level and pressure the DOE to provide the the counties good solid choices in books and materials.  At the county level I would notify the public and provide numerous locations for their review of new text books.  Also ,we need to allow enough time for as much public input as possible to schools in order to make good decisions.  Ultimately the decision is up to the schools with approval of the school board but the community input is a critical part of the process.”

In reviewing the Nassau county school budget, what specific cost savings measures have you identified and/or what specific areas do you believe are under funded?

“We need to get more dollars directly to the classroom.  I was not in favor of a 2.5 million dollar make over of administrative offices when we have students in portable classrooms.  My opponent supported this measure twice in a public vote, I voiced opposition.  Looking to other similar sized school districts or businesses might give us a new approach to cost savings.  Underfunded areas include science and technology labs.”

Editor’s Note:  At the request of many of our readers, the Fernandina Observer submitted a list of five questions to school board candidates.  Since the election is almost upon us, we will post three answers today, and the remainder next Thursday for your review.  The Fernandina Observer is not endorsing any candidate.  Our goal is to inform and educate our readership. 

District 2 candidates are Gail Cook and John Pulice, and District 4 candidates are Kimberly Fahlgren and Russell Johnson.

October 11, 2012 7:00 a.m.