Campaign Financial Reports filed by Chapman & Poynter – Group 2

By Susan Hardee Steger
October 30, 2017 10:00 a.m.

City Commission Group 2 Candidates Philip A. Chapman and Timothy M. Poynter report campaign donations and expenditures through October 26, 2017.

Editor’s Note:  The Fernandina Observer has compiled financial information reported thru 10/26/17, on all candidates.  Click “Read More” or “Continue Reading” for reports.  We will post Group 3 on Tuesday.

Philip A. Chapman, III*
Group 2

*Treasurer of Campaign filed amended report to correct debit/credit issue.

Candidate contributions to self  $1,500.00

Total Contributions                                                      


Election Filing Fees $480.00
Signs on the Cheap $873.95
Vistaprint (PostCards, banners, business cards) $222.44

Total Expenditures                                                         $1576.39

Timothy M. Poynter
Group 2

Candidate Loan to self $1,000.00                  

Total contributions                                                        $1,000.00


Filing fees $480.00
Digital Village (Signs) $401.25
CBC Bank (Checks) $ 23.37

Total Expenditures                                                          $904.62

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