California Pizza Kitchen “Inspired Acts Day” brings gifts to community

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Director of Public Relations
California Pizza Kitchen

More than 650 team members and guests of California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) spent Wednesday, March 20th, serving the Amelia Island community as part of their annual Operators Conference. During the inaugural ‘Inspired Acts’ day, CPK team members engaged in several community service projects – from painting dugouts to delivering food to a local food bank – with the goal of helping restore pride and
confidence in the Amelia Island community. Promoting positive change has inspired CPK since its beginning.

Determined to make a real difference, CPK is committed to doing good things in the communities they serve.
Each year, CPK restaurant operators gather together from across the
country to share ideas, learn from each other and plan for the future.

This year, a decision was made during a four-day conference to
dedicate one day for Inspired Acts – acts of kindness for people that
inspire us, acts that keep us inspired as we begin a new year, and acts
that may inspire others to pay it forward and continue to do good things
in their community throughout the year.
This year, CPK identified 11 different entities within the Amelia Island
community to support, including:

L - 5

L - 3
Sodding a sports field for the Boys and Girls Club

L - 2

L - 1Creating and planting vegetable gardens at shelters for the homeless

L - 9Painting dugouts and providing concession equipment for the local
Little League

L - 8 Crops
Renovating a kitchen at Safe Harbor Boys Home

Other projects:

Providing and assembling benches for various Parks and Recreation sites

Stuffing backpacks with school supplies for 250 children in need

Donating and delivering plates and silverware for various local Coalition for the Homeless organizations

Donating and delivering food and equipment for the Barnabas Center

Editor’s Note:  Buses filled with California Pizza Kitchen volunteers moved throughout our community this past week.  It was very gratifying to see the good works done by this organization during their “Inspired Acts Day.”  Thank you volunteers!  Your positive acts will benefit our community for years to come.

March 23, 2013 9:52 a.m.

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Dave Lott
Dave Lott(@dwlottbellsouth-net)
10 years ago

What a wonderful display of corporate giving. Thanks to the TDC, City, County and all other organizations involved that demonstrated what an inviting place FB/AI is to come for their meetings in the first place. I’m sure all the organizations that benefited from CPK’s volunteer effort are also thankful.