Boys & Girls Clubs announce Youth of the Month for December

Boys & Girls Clubs
Press Release
Submitted by Andrew Schmidt
January 2, 2020

Cameron Miller named Youth of the Month at Roberts Learning & Achievement Center

Cameron has been an outstanding member of the Roberts Learning & Achievement Center who brings a consistent positive vibe to the atmosphere at the Club every day. With smiles and fun ideas, Cameron is always available to volunteer for any program area. Some of his favorite activities at the Club include learning Spanish as a second language with Ms. DeCarroll and doing the fun experiments and games in the Learning Zone each week.

When Cameron isn’t spending time at the Club after school he enjoys playing tennis and soccer. He attends Southside Elementary where he’s consistently on the AB Honor Roll and his favorite subject is science. “The most interesting thing I’ve ever encountered in science class was learning about the poppy flower,” said Cameron. He has a thirst for knowledge and always wants to find the answer to a question. No wonder Cameron wants to be a combination actor, scientist, and construction worker in order to fit all the things he loves into one career!


Alexa Arline named Youth of the Month at
Miller Freedom Center

As a new member at the Miller Freedom Center, Alexa has already made a lasting impact at the Club. While soft-spoken, she is vastly intelligent, loves science and reading, and is an absolute joy to be around. Alexa has proven repeatedly that if a staff member requires assistance, she is more than willing to help and can be counted on to do a great job every time. Alexa’s sincerity and generosity are two of her best qualities.

When Alexa is at home, she enjoys playing with her energetic cat and dog or watching movies with her mom, dad, and older sister. At the Club, Alexa loves the gym and the game room. She knows she can count on the staff members to keep her time jam packed with activities she loves. Alexa is consistently well-behaved and her natural leadership abilities set a prime example for all of our members. We can’t wait to see her achieve her career goal of becoming either a cardiologist or neurosurgeon!