Barnabas Center
Press Release
Alexandra Winsor
Communication Manager
June 30, 2021

Barnabas Center has redirected resources from Gerri’s Corner, a free resource center for women battling cancer, and donated its supplies to the Pinky Promise Foundation located in Callahan, Florida. Pinky Promise is a non-profit resource center for ladies diagnosed with cancer. Services include the distribution of wigs, head coverings, chemo gift bags, sleep caps, etc. to women in need.

Gerri’s Corner at Barnabas had two purposes: one was to supply wigs and other necessary items needed to battle cancer and the other focus was to help with prevention measures and medical interventions. Barnabas will continue to be used for cancer prevention services for women in Nassau County battling cancer.

Barnabas continues to be a resource to people in need in Nassau County. Programs include health services for people without insurance, crisis assistance, and food programs for people experiencing hunger.
For more information about Barnabas and its services, visit For more information about the Pinky Promise Foundation and its services, visit

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