By Karen Thompson
Features Reporter
November 9, 2020

Aquathon III is underway at the City of Fernandina Recreation Center and the MLK Pool Complex throughout the month of November. What is an Aquathon, you ask? It’s special water aerobics sessions that will raise money for scholarships for children to take part in the city’s summer Learn To Swim program.

Aqua aerobics instructors and managers have created a series of pop-up classes, themed days and giveaways. They include Bathing Cap Day, Animal Kingdom Palooza, Frizbees and Noodles Day, Children’s Bathing Suit Collection Week and Drum Vibes. Special music themes will be 50s, Hawaiian and Latin among many others.

As an added incentive, participants can take unlimited classes throughout the month of November at the city pools.

Aquatics Manager Kaitlyn Rivera thanks local businesses that have donated to the event and to the stars of the show, the participants, for supporting a very worthy cause.

To donate or signup for the 2020 Aquathon, contact Kaitlyn at 904/310-3362 or Classes are limited to 15 people for popups and 35 for all others due to COVID rules at the pool. Reservations are necessary.


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