Approximate Location of 301 Bridge Collapse

Bridge Collapse on 301 – Star Identifies Approximate Location Courtesy of Mapquest

Many of our readers have requested a map showing the approximate location of the 301 bridge collapse.  We have confirmed with Emergency Management Director Danny Hinson, that the collapsed bridge is south of Otis Road.


June 27, 2012 2:31 p.m.





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alisha johnson
alisha johnson (@guest_237)
11 years ago

Why is it that the department on motor vehicle did not mention that two truck drivers that were injured with the bridge collapse on 301 around Otis Rd.? My father hurt his back and I cannot find a report that mentions any injuries. He compressed his spine and the morning of the accident an official said that there were no injuries I recorded the news report. What is the State trying to cover up.

Thank you
Alisha Johnson
[email protected]