An Update for Fernandina Observer Readers

By Mike Phillips
Fernandina Observer Editor
May 31, 2022

Dear Observer readers:

Mike Phillips

I have had a fabulous response to my call for contributors who can help us expand our coverage beyond government. I was out of town, but hope to interview all the responders next week and introduce you to some excellent writers covering schools, businesses, churches, Yulee and environs and, of course, local government.

And I am adding one job description to my shopping list: technical assistant. Though I’ve been doing digital story-telling since the late ‘90s, I’ve never had to lay hands on the technology behind it. When you work for a big corporation, someone else does that for you. We have an excellent web master who has set up our WordPress-based framework, but he isn’t much of a hand-holder. (And I don’t blame him, by the way.) I’m going to need a savvy techie who can back me up on posting and – more importantly – engineer all the design changes we’ll need to reflect our expanding coverage.

And then there’s advertising. We need to develop a better array of choices for advertisers and a couple of sales people who really understand the needs of the excellent community of small businesses in this county. The commission percentages will be generous.

You’ll begin to see new ideas at work in your Observer starting in July. One step at a time, they will continue all summer and into the fall. And you can help with that. Your reactions and suggestions will be invaluable. I will read, and take seriously, all of them.  I can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 904-568-1194.

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Chuck Hall
Chuck Hall (@guest_65244)
1 year ago

Best wishes for a big success!

Malcolm Noden
Malcolm Noden (@guest_65248)
1 year ago

Looking forward to hearing from you Mike. Given a little more time, the problems you mentioned will be solved and the Observer will regain and increase its place in the community. Mac Noden

Mary Pikula
Mary Pikula (@guest_65250)
1 year ago

I’m looking forward to seeing the new format and increased coverage of local interest. We have a lively, active, artistically diverse and aesthetically sophisticated community—and the venues for expression are varied and many. The Fernandina Observer is readily and daily available to readers. Many times I have heard someone say “Saw that in the Observer” or “Did you see the Observer today?”
Expecting even more excellence to come. Build in what Suzanne started✔️
Mary Burchard Pikula

Madena Chandler
Madena Chandler (@guest_65251)
1 year ago

Best of luck! I look forward to keep in up with what happens in my former home.