America’s Youth Program Needs Flooring Help

If you are not familiar with this very worthwhile charity, please look up their website,

Mr. John Gilbert runs a recreational and educational facility for the children of Fernandina Beach. America’s Youth also sponsors the very popular lighted Christmas parade.

This is a request for help from the local community. John has all of the materials he needs to put down a new floor at their facility at 11th and Indigo. However, he needs help this month with installing the vinyl plank flooring.

If you are part of an organization that can put together a team of several folks with a rudimentary knowledge of flooring from your place of worship, civic organization, work, or elsewhere, your support for this project would be greatly appreciated.

Please drop by the facility at 11th and Indigo Streets and talk to John. Or, please give a call/text to 770-329-9052.

Thanks for considering this important task.

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CHUCK HALL (@guest_68814)
5 months ago

John does extraordinary work for our community with these disadvantaged children. His work has been a blessing to our area and our youth. These aren’t just any kids, either. These children have come from some very rough circumstances beyond their control, and helping them stay busy, off the streets, only helps our own community. I pray that someone heeds this call for help.