“American Beach becomes more vulnerable every year”

Photos and information by Annj Willis
October 16, 2020

During the Week of September 13, Amelia Island experienced a strong northeaster. Annj Willis sent photos showing the damage caused by the storm’s impact on American Beach. Willis is an avid beach walker. She saw 3 to 4 feet of beach taken away during Hurricane Matthew. But, the significant damage done by this storm overwhelmed her. “It looked like a war zone,” said Willis. Now cars are driving and parking where portions of the dunes once stood.

Further south sand fences are placed to encourage dune build up. But according to Willis, there isn’t enough room for sand fencing at American Beach.

“Isn’t it time to protect our shores?, asks Willis. If not, “American Beach becomes more vulnerable every year.”


A northeastern took a large slice out of an American Beach sand dune. This picture shows the  dune location where a car was trapped on the beach during an incoming tide.
Boardwalk steps to the beach were also a victim of the northeaster.



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