Amelia Island Tree Conservancy donates $10,000 to Amelia Forever for Little NaNa Dune

Amelia Tree Conservancy
Press Release
Submitted by Lyn Pannone
September 15, 2021

Suggested caption for the attached photo: Russ Jahn, Treasurer of Amelia Tree Conservancy, presents a $10,000 check to Pam Hart, Chair The Amelia Forever Committee of North Florida Land Trust. The donation will support conservation of the Little NaNa Dune on American Beach. Amelia Tree Conservancy board members pictured include (from left to right) Lyn Pannone, Margaret Kirkland, Rebecca Raymond, Berta Arias, Diana Herman, and Arthur Herman. Board members not pictured include Kristin Huben and Cheryl Witt.

Amelia Tree Conservancy (ATC) today announced the donation of $10,000 to North Florida Land Trust’s (NFLT) Amelia Forever Committee for conservation of Little NaNa dune in American Beach.

With this donation, ATC is supporting a mutual goal that Little NaNa Dune, located on historic American Beach, remains unspoiled for future generations. The dune, located adjacent to the beautiful NaNa Dune, is part of the tallest dune in Florida and the Timucuan National Ecological and Historic Preserve. It is covered with beautiful salt-pruned trees, a vital area for shorebirds and gopher tortoises, and is culturally significant to American Beach. In past years it has been a target for developers, yet conservation groups have united to save it.

“We’re gratified this donation supports making Little NaNa Dune and its precious natural features more protected from development,” said Lyn Pannone, Vice Chair of Amelia Tree Conservancy. “I want to thank our members and donors who made this contribution possible, as well as North Florida Land Trust for their perpetual care and guardianship of this vital, natural habitat.”

ATC’s contribution was made possible through a generous $7,000 donation by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation on behalf of their Board Member and Amelia Island resident Jacqueline Dorrance-Tomlinson. The remainder of the funds were donated to Amelia Tree Conservancy specifically for land conservation by John and Jane Hebden, Thea Gude and other members and donors.

“Historic American Beach and Little NaNa Dune are among Florida’s special, really remarkable places,” said Pam Hart, Chair of The Amelia Forever Committee of North Florida Land Trust. “It is essential to preserve parts of Amelia Island’s fragile green space ecosystem. Conserving wildlife habitat preserves the quality of life for the island’s human residents, too. Beyond preventing more traffic and congestion, it saves the trees that shear wind during storms and their root systems that absorb rising waters. We are glad that this beautiful and unique topography will remain intact to support our island’s quality of life.”

Amelia Tree Conservancy and North Florida Land Trust welcome inquiries from residents and other organizations interested in learning more about conservation on Amelia Island and opportunities to support those efforts, including The Amelia Forever Committee. For more information, please contact: [email protected], or North Florida Land Trust at 904 479-1967 or [email protected]

About Amelia Tree Conservancy
Amelia Tree Conservancy (ATC) is an all-volunteer, nonpartisan organization comprising a diverse coalition of Amelia Island citizens and friends. Its primary mission is preserving the maritime forest on Amelia Island, Florida. With the slogan, “Protecting the canopy that protects us, ATC’s mission also encompasses educating the public to increase awareness regarding the vital nature and unique composition of the Amelia Island maritime forest canopy ecosystem and its importance in creating a habitat for humans, birds, animals and plants. For more information, visit

About North Florida Land Trust
North Florida Land Trust is a non-profit organization committed to protecting and preserving the natural heritage of North Florida. We work to ensure our region’s treasured lands will be protected and enjoyed by future generations. For more information visit
About the Amelia Forever Committee
Amelia Forever is an Amelia Island committee formed by North Florida Land Trust in 2019 to raise funds to support land conservation on Amelia Island. The Committee consists of Amelia Island residents who provide strategic direction on which properties to pursue and help bring land conservation to fruition through garnered support. For more information visit

About the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
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Mark Tomes
Noble Member
Mark Tomes(@mtomes)
2 years ago

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to keep this land in conservatory status. So much land is being mowed down with no regard to the natural ecosystems of the island or the county. We need to put as much in conservation as we can now. Our grandchildren and their grandchildren will all appreciate us for having the foresight to save our natural systems.