Amelia Island revealed . . .

Submitted by Wayne Howard

Wayne Howard--6
Photo courtesy of Wayne Howard

“My goal is to capture the essence of the image, that elusive spirit or something that goes beyond a “postcard” moment. I want the viewer to be able to feel the damp misty morning, hear the raucous cry of gull, the clang of the halyards and imagine the smell the sea. In other words, I want you to experience what I felt the moment the picture was taken.”

Editor’s Note: Howard has been and is currently an instructor at the Florida State College of Jacksonville in the continuing education program where he teaches classes in beginning digital photography, and Photoshop image editing. To see more examples:; Contact Info: (904) 491-5269; [email protected]

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August 18, 2013 1:00 a.m.

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Rose Bennett
Rose Bennett (@guest_15844)
10 years ago

Is this the ramp at North Park or where?

Ed Richtsteig
Ed Richtsteig (@guest_15847)
10 years ago

Very nice work Wayne.

Ed Richtsteig
Ed Richtsteig (@guest_15848)
10 years ago

Nice work Wayne