Amelia Island revealed . . .

By Wayne Howard
June 4, 2022

“The Pier” Photo courtesy of Wayne Howard

Editor’s Note: For our readers who miss the pier at Fort Clinch State Park, here is a trip down memory lane.  The pier took a beating in 2016 during Hurricane Mathew.  Initial reports indicated the state planned to build a new pier although Fort Clinch officials are now saying there is no plan to replace it.

Wayne Howard retired as an instructor in the continuing education program at the Florida State College of Jacksonville where he taught classes in beginning digital photography and Photoshop image editing.  Thank you Wayne for your contribution to the Fernandina Observer.

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Beverly Bertsch
Beverly Bertsch(@bcbertschaol-com)
2 years ago

We miss the Clinch Pier! It had a community of people- walkers, fishermen and anyone who loved being on the water. I’m sure many wives, kids, and loved ones , who gathered at the farthest point out to watch as their loved ones arrived back at the sub-base in Kingsland, miss it as well. If our timing was just right, we got to witness a sub being escorted out to sea by the pontoon boats that preceded it. We always thought we were so lucky to catch this awesome sight. What a loss for Fernandina!

Nicholas Velvet
Nicholas Velvet (@guest_65285)
2 years ago

“Initial reports” hummmm it was going to fall down in minutes so in order not to be sued it was removed…..sounds VERY familiar, let’s think Bret’s, lets think City of Fernandina Beach consulting engineers about how many beach walkover they wanted taken down as soon as possible back in 2016… 6 years later I am still walking over an “obvious” safety risk…….BS. The Boyzs with the Ballons folks.

Half the folks coming here now have not a clue what over time has been lost~~~and not replaced. Too busy building “Welcome Centers” for the rich and senseless pocket parks. Think Simmons road where after years I have yet to see even one person at! Can we just try and cut the grass and weeds along all the bike paths and roadways on this island? I know that’s not exciting…’s called taking care of what you have……Maintenace and staying within budget are terms of art which sadly have gone the way of common sense….

Beverly Bertsch
Beverly Bertsch(@bcbertschaol-com)
2 years ago

Mr. Velvet, Clinch State Park is just that- a state park. Fernandina had nothing to do with its construction and repair. The state of Florida has Ft Clinch on its list for repairs-at least it did when Scott was Governor , but it was low on a very long list. Call DeSantis’s office if you want to know the status- don’t blame Fernandina.

Mary Libby
Mary Libby (@guest_65287)
2 years ago

Great picture Wayne! Who knew the pier disappearing in the fog would be so foretelling. Sad that it won’t be rebuilt.

Robert Sheretta
Robert Sheretta (@guest_65288)
2 years ago

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judy ancrum
judy ancrum (@guest_65299)
2 years ago

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2 years ago

Would be amazing if we replace with a new Modern Pier! Everyone please call Ron DeSantis and let him know why we really need to bring back our historical pier!!

Last edited 2 years ago by missyjean