Amelia Island revealed . . .

By Dana Hermanson

April 16, 2022

“2 Crosses – A Reflection”

Editor’s Note:  Dana Hermanson and his wife Heather are part time residents in Fernandina.  The Hermansons became official part-timers in July 2020.   When not in Fernandina, they live in  Marietta, Georgia where they teach accounting at Kennesaw State University.   We thank Dana for his contribution to the Fernandina Observer.

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Deadra Galloway-Potter
Deadra Galloway-Potter(@ddgal)
2 years ago

I was awed by the picture of the crosses! I don’t know when this was taken but it is certainly appropriate for today! There is a small cross to the middle left also.

Dana Hermanson
Dana Hermanson (@guest_64641)
2 years ago

Thanks, Deadra! I took this in October 2021.

Breck DeWitt
Breck DeWitt (@guest_64640)
2 years ago

What a beautiful sunset at the harbor and what a perfect day to publish that image. Thank you Diana for sharing this.