A tutelage on the Anhinga – Amelia Island/Nassau County Bird Club

Anhingas are often spotted on the Egan’s Creek Greenway. Photo courtesy of Dan Kossmann.

By Bill George
Amelia Island/Nassau Bird Club
Photo by Dan Kossman
June 15, 2020

What bird swims with the fish but soars with the hawks? You guessed correctly if you answered Anhinga. This bird has been called the Snake Bird or a Darter. When an Anhinga swims with its head up it looks like a snake swimming.

A remarkable sight is seeing this species on the water with a fish speared by its sharp beak. You are likely to observe this bird fanning its wings on a perch to dry its wings. When flying it has a long fanned tail that looks like a broom. The bird can be confused with Cormorants in flight and the female might be confused with a juvenile Cormorant. Be sure to check all field marks when making an identification.  To listen to the bird sound click here.