A New Year Starts Downtown in Fernandina Beach

Submitted by Gerry Clare

Roving Reporter

Happy 2013 from your roving reporter checking out a cool recent morning downtown . .

Rest 5 Group
T-Ray’s adding a storage/prep kitchen to the best restaurant in a gas station…







Pecan Roll Bakery enjoying a well deserved vacation
Reopening January 24
The Centre Street Harbor Wear store remodeling…











Rest 21
A.I. Coffee in the coffee shop with Mr. Delaney and Ms. Whitaker…
Looking for a sewer pipe in the pocket park next door…
Rest 11
Four Seasons Bistro gets good review in the Florida Times Union on January 3, 2013…










And on the mainland, too . . .







January 12, 2013 10:26 a.m.

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Cheryl (@guest_4036)
11 years ago

I was at that same forum at the library! And I agree the tone of the duicsssion and comments alarmed me, too, particularly given the increasing urgency of the problem and the persistent unwillingness to face it among many in our area. Thanks for sharing the history, too that’s an important context that’s often missing in places that present such an incomplete picture of their current and historical realities. I attended several of the forums about school closings in the Shawnee Mission District, too, and there were similar themes there concern about which kids would be moved into certain attendance areas, about how property values would be affected by a particular school gaining Title 1 status but also some really moving testimonies from parents whose own children’s lives and educations have been enhanced by the opportunity to learn in an environment more diverse than the one in which they live, many times. You’re right there IS a lot to be done, both in terms of tangible action on poverty and in terms of how we approach confronting the realities and telling an honest story about who were are, as a community.