A Little Good Deed Two People Will Never Forget

(Editor’s note: Little stories like this happen all the time hereabouts. We take good care of our visitors. But this one is so heart-felt, we thought it might send you off into your Sunday morning with a smile on your face. It was written by Greg Browning of Canton OH.)

I want to thank someone.

I came down to Amellia iIsland with my son for a vacation. Nathan had been dealing with some medical issues, and had recently completed treatment, and this vacation was a celebration.

Everyone has been so kind and helpful to us, it has really been refreshing.

Greg and Nathan

One of the things we enjoyed was going to Fort Clinch. We went there Sunday the 17th. We fished at shark tooth beach. From there we went over to the beach where you have the waves and body surfed the waves and relaxed in the sunshine. It was a perfect day.

As we were getting ready to leave, Nathan realized he had left his tackle box on the beach. We were in full panic mode. it was gone. My son was heartbroken. We had one hope left. We went to the ranger station, The ranger and the staff reunited my son with his tackle box.

i am writing this in the off chance that whoever turned it in can read this. We are so thankful to you for turning it in. Nathan has little money and few hobbies.  Fishing is his one joy. He has spent all his money, more money than he should have, LOL, on fishing gear. This tackle box and its contents were brand new and worth between $1,000, and $1,500.

i can’t meet you in person, but thank you again, from the bottom of my heart. Your good deed had more impact then you will ever know.

God bless you.

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Leanore Gallardo
Leanore Gallardo (@guest_65767)
10 months ago

Very nice and a great way to start Sunday morning.

Moi Monroe
Moi Monroe (@guest_65768)
10 months ago

Great Story, restores faith in humanity!
Keep the good ones coming

Margo Story
Margo Story (@guest_65770)
10 months ago

So sweet…..good people on this island.

L. Cleary
L. Cleary (@guest_65777)
10 months ago

This island is full of kind people that look out for one another; it’s magical like that. I am glad your vacation was not ruined; instead, hopefully our community restored your faith in humanity.

Judi Mixon Brown
Judi Mixon Brown (@guest_68688)
1 month ago

Several years ago my nephew’s home burned down; everything was lost, including a kitten. When the News-Leader ran the story the community response was amazing. Someone donated a beautiful oak table, an elderly couple brought new linens, etc. Mr. Partin asked my nephew’s mom to pick out a nice shirt for him from Partin’s Shoes & Men’s Store and a fireman brought a kitten for the kids. The tragic fire brought out the best in so many people; we’re blessed to live in such a caring community.