5 lots on South 14th under construction – “Way to go Guys!” – An opinion

By Chip Ross
Fernandina Beach
City Commissioner
September 28, 2021

“Way to go Guys!
Approving five so called houses (eye soars) on a lot barely big enough for one.
Kudos to the commissioners and the planning department for thinking this is a good idea. Maybe it was a scriveners error!
You all are slipping in your diligence for making this stellar developer keep that one lonely little tree on the end from being hacked down,
I’m sure they could have squeezed 6 maybe more on that lot.
Be proud of your selves.
What’s next?”

I recently received the above e-mail from a City resident. My reply:

“Good morning:

If you are referring to the 5 lots on 14th Street South of Date Street – those lots were created more than 40 years ago. Since its inception, the building code has allowed building on a recorded lot. The current City Commission or any City Commission in the last 20 years had nothing to do with the “approval” of buildings on those lots. The development was allowed by the Land Development Code passed many years ago.

The City has approximately 900 buildable single vacant lots remaining. Owners and developers are buying them and building on lots with environmentally sensitive land. The trees come down. The dunes get bulldozed.

The only way the City can stop that development is to buy the lots and put them in conservation so they can never be built on. Currently, I do not believe I have two other votes on the current City Commission to pursue that option.

If you have another idea, please let me know. If you would like to discuss, further send me you cell phone number and I will call, or call me at 410-394-0220.”

Chip Ross
City Commissioner of Fernandina Beach
26 September 2021

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