2022 Hurricane season begins today

By Peter Schorsch
Last Call Newsletter
June 1, 2022


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration predicts the 2022 hurricane season will bring an above-average number of storms, but many Floridians aren’t sweating it.

According to a new poll from AAA, 29% of Floridians don’t make advanced preparations for hurricane season or other severe weather events and more than two-fifths haven’t planned for what to do if an evacuation order comes.

Additionally, 25% of Floridians say they would ignore evacuation warnings altogether. Of those who would evacuate, 60% would only leave for Category 3 hurricanes or stronger.

Gas prices are a factor in what AAA is calling “evacuation hesitation.” According to the organization, 42% of Floridians say high gas prices and low availability would make them less willing to evacuate their home, if recommended to do so.

“Prices at the pump are likely to remain high throughout the summer,” AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said. “So, if you’re worried about evacuation costs, it may be a good idea to start setting aside some money now.”

Other reasons for hesitation include the inability to bring pets (30%), not knowing where to go (28%), and being unable to afford a hotel (23%).

In a news release on the poll, AAA echoed calls from several other organizations and state leaders for Floridians to plan ahead.

AAA recommends Floridians prepare by reviewing their homeowners and auto insurance coverage; getting flood insurance; documenting all belongings with pictures, video and, if possible, receipts; AMD storing all insurance information in a secure, portable waterproof container.

Resources on how to prepare a disaster supply kit are available through the Florida Division of Emergency Management. Additional resources on financial prep are available through the Florida Department of Financial Services.