Amelia Island Bird Club schedules 11 trips beginning in September

Amelia Island/Nassau County Bird Club

August 24, 2020

We will be moving from virtual birding to field trips this September with the caveat that we need to comply with all local mandates for dealing with Covid 19, including social distancing and wearing masks where required.

The upcoming schedule has 11 trips with both Saturday and weekday trips that are all within an hour’s drive. The schedule may be adjusted for weather or other conflicts. In the event of a rare bird in our area, I will send out a rare bird alert and an invite to join me. In terms of the regularly scheduled trips, I will send out details at least 10 days before the trips and a reminder within a few days of the trip. Here is the planned schedule:

September 19, 2020, Saturday, at Heritage River Road

October 8,2020, Thursday at Katherine Hannah Abbey

November 14, 2020 Saturday at Okefenokee

December 12, 2020 Saturday at Huguenot

January 9, 2021 Saturday at Kingsley Plantation and Ft. George area

February 6,2021 Saturday at Spoonbill Pond and Big Talbot SP

March 13,2021, Saturday at Crooked River SP

April 24,2021, Saturday at Ft. Clinch SP

April 29, 2021 Thursday at Egan’s Greenway

May 4,2021, Tuesday at Bailey Rd Soccer Fields and Crane Island

Please put these dates on your calendar and we will also provide this schedule on our website. All are welcomed to attend.

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