Last call for Economic Impact Payments: Nov. 21 at 3 ET

Have you gotten your Economic Impact Payment yet? If you haven’t, time is running out. You have until November 21 at 3pm Eastern Time to enter your information with the IRS.

Here’s the drill:

Do you know somebody who might be in one of these groups? Please call them right now. Make sure they’ve gotten the money they’re entitled to. If they haven’t, send them to IRS.gov/EIP right away. (If you’re sending them the link by email, this one is more direct – but if you’re calling to walk them through it online, they can go to IRS.gov/EIP and click the link under “Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info Here.”)

We can all use a little help right now. So file your information to get your check, if you haven’t. And help someone else get theirs, if you can. And thanks.

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