Joshua Hicks to challenge Cord Byrd for Florida House District 11 seat

Media Release
May 11, 2020

Hicks is Running to Support the Many Floridians Struggling During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Candidate Joshua Hicks for Florida State Representative District 11.

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Today, North Florida native and Jacksonville resident Joshua Hicks announced his bid for the Florida House of Representatives in District 11 against the incumbent, Representative Cord Byrd. Joshua is a non-profit professional who has spent his career advocating for affordable healthcare access, environmental protections, climate change solutions, and representation for young people.

Joshua works for the Colorectal Cancer Alliance, a 501c3 organization that supports survivors, patients, and families facing colorectal cancer. The organization also raises money for critical research to find a cure. Previously, he has worked for the People for the American Way Foundation, the Service Employees International Union, and the League of Conservation Voters.

Joshua Hicks issued the following statement upon his entry into the race:

“We are facing the biggest economic and health crisis of our lifetimes. This challenging time demands leaders who will put people above partisanship and powerful corporate interests. I’m running to expand healthcare access, fix our broken unemployment system, support small businesses, and protect our community from climate change. My non-profit career reflects those values and I will defend them in Tallahassee.

So many Floridians are struggling right now and their needs aren’t being represented in Tallahassee. From day one in office, Cord Byrd has put politics and partisanship above the people he serves. He has failed our community with misplaced priorities and support for policies that have made our current crisis worse. I’m running to undo this damage and pass legislation that keeps our community healthy, safe, and affordable.”

Last week, Cord Byrd voted against a special session to expand Medicaid, address the unemployment system, and protect the right to vote during the pandemic. The unemployment system has failed miserably during this crisis and Florida is one of a handful of states that hasn’t yet asked for $20 million in election assistance provided to it under the CARES Act.

Joshua Hicks reacted to Representative Byrd’s no vote in a special session poll:

“This is just the latest example of Cord Byrd’s failed leadership. He pays lip service to constituents, but when it comes to working on concrete solutions that provide them immediate relief, he says no. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue. It’s about helping families who are struggling at no fault of their own.

We have an economy that’s devastated. Unemployed workers and small businesses still need relief and they needed it yesterday. We’re in the middle of a global health crisis and uninsured Floridians need healthcare. With so much uncertainty around the pandemic’s future, voters also want to know they can vote safely in August and November. I’m disappointed that Cord Byrd won’t return to Tallahassee and do his job.”

For more information on Joshua Hicks’ platform and campaign for the Florida House of Representative, District 11, please go to:


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bob carter
bob carter (@guest_57634)
3 years ago

more government, spend more money, tax more people, I think I’ve heard this before?