Amelia Island/Nassau County Bird Club offers a pandemic rest

Amelia Island/Nassau County Bird Club
President Bill George
[email protected]
Photos courtesy of Dan Kossmann
June 5, 2020

Editor’s Note: The Amelia Island/Nassau County Bird Club, lead by Bill George, offers residents and visitors an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and take in the magnificent beauty of birds.  Thanks to Dan Kossmann, a website is now up and running with photos of birds seen on recent trips.

According to the website, “The Club’s primary purpose is to watch birds during monthly field trips from September through May. There are no dues, and members register by email and are notified about upcoming trips. Anyone is welcome to attend a field trip. Please refer to the scheduled trips on the website; to receive notice and details of each trip send your name and email with a request to be a member to Bill George at [email protected].”

The pictures show this species in breeding plumage (rust color on back) and winter plumage. Avocets are more likely seen here in winter and only rarely in other seasons. It is a large shorebird that has a very elegant appearance. They can be seen at Spoonbill Pond just off the island. They breed in western states but as shown in one picture breeding plumage may show in migration.  Click here for bird call.

American Avocet’s breeding plumage (rust color on back). Photo courtesy of Dan Kossmann.


“American Advocets in Flight” Photo courtesy of Dan Kossmann


“American Avocets on the Hunt” Photo courtesy of  Dan Kossmann

After retiring from a career as a CFO for a number of high tech start-ups Dan is pursuing his passion for nature photography and conservation. Dan travels the world with his camera capturing stunning images of wildlife and nature. Dan also uses his photography, graphic design and social media skills to supports a number of nature conservancies. You can see some of Dan’s photography on Instagram @dankossmann (wildlife) and @dan.kossmann (landscapes) or on Facebook at Dan Kossmann.