Nassau County Chamber of Commerce Announces ‘Safer in Service’ Pledge Program

Nassau County Chamber of Commerce
Media Release
May 18, 2020

Nassau County, FL (May 13, 2020) The Nassau County Chamber of Commerce announces the ‘Safer in Service’ program, designed to enhance the public’s confidence in getting Nassau County back to business.

The health and safety of employees, customers and vendors is the highest priority for members of the Nassau County business community. Though we continue to actively monitor developments related to the Coronavirus pandemic, we understand the need to move forward in a safe and responsible manner. The ‘Safer in Service’ pledge encourages businesses to go above and beyond standard measures to maintain a sanitary environment in our restaurants, offices, and stores.

Businesses throughout Nassau County have amplified their efforts to ensure the people of our community feel safe and can shop with confidence. Local restaurants have ramped up an already thorough sanitization process by disinfecting surfaces, door handles, and other frequently touched items between each customer. Some businesses are offering masks and hand sanitizer to customers and employees, while continuing to enforce social distancing standards. Employees from every business are being asked to wash their hands more frequently and disinfect their workstations throughout the day.

To promote these enhanced safety standards, businesses taking part in the ‘Safer in Service’ program will showcase the pledge in the window of their business.

The Nassau County Chamber of Commerce is focused on providing businesses with the most up-to-date tips and guidance from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and local health officials on healthy workplace habits. We are also in close contact with suppliers and working diligently to ensure our businesses have items like disinfecting wipes, gloves, and hand sanitizer at their disposal.

For more information about taking the ‘Safer in Service’ pledge, contact the Nassau County Chamber of Commerce by calling (904) 261-3248 or visit

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