Florida suffers another new weekly COVID-19 death record

By Scott Powers
September 20, 2021


There is good news, as the weekly new case total continues to decline.

While Florida’s summer surge of COVID-19 cases steadily declines, the state continues to suffer more of the saddest toll in the pandemic, with another record number of newly reported deaths.

Covid 19

On Friday, the Florida Department of Health released its latest COVID-19 Weekly Situation report showing an increase of 2,468 deaths in the state’s running tally of COVID-19 fatalities since the week before. That’s the most Florida has ever recorded during a seven-day period throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

The latest state report also showed 75,998 newly reported COVID-19 cases during the most recent week, which actually is tallied through Thursday. That’s the lowest tabulation of new cases the Sunshine State has seen since late July.

Despite a dubious social media post claiming otherwise, which was retweeted by the Executive Office of Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday, Florida’s COVID-19 death toll has risen every week since early July.

Friday’s state report marks the fifth consecutive time state officials tabulated a record number of additional COVID-19 deaths during a seven-day period.

Friday’s new record weekly total through Thursday followed the record 2,448 deaths added to the state’s toll during the seven days reported on Sept. 10; 2,345 reported Sept. 3; 1,727 reported Aug. 27; and 1,486 reported Aug. 20.

Each state report updates data received from the previous Friday through Thursday. Because of delays in determining causes of death, in forwarding reports to the state, and state review of the deaths, COVID-19 fatalities do not necessarily occur during the same week the state records them. In fact, most represent Floridians who died during the previous week or earlier. Yet the state’s running cumulative deaths are the clearest representation of how many Floridians are dying from the virus.

Before August, the worst week Florida ever saw for newly- eported COVID-19 deaths was back in January, when Florida was still issuing daily reports. During the seven days reported through Friday, Jan. 29, Florida tabulated 1,296 new COVID-19 deaths.

The state’s weekly report also confirmed Florida has surpassed 50,000 total deaths during the coronavirus pandemic, a mark reported Thursday by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the state’s latest tally, Florida has suffered 51,240 COVID-19 deaths since March, 2020.

The CDC also reports COVID-19 data for Florida, but its comprehensive reports run a day behind Florida’s weekly reports. Also, the CDC appears to tabulate cases slightly differently than Florida. Yet the federal data allow for state-to-state comparisons.

According to CDC’s data, covering reports received through Wednesday, Florida’s 2,538 COVID-19 deaths tabulated over the seven most recent days were the most for any state in the country, followed by 2,084 reported over the same seven days in Texas, and 945 in California.

Florida’s per-capita death rate also was the highest in the country. Florida reported 11.8 new deaths per 100,000 residents during the week. South Carolina was close behind, at 11.6 deaths per 100,000 people for the week, followed by Mississippi, which reported 9.9 new COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 residents.

While the Sunshine State’s death toll continues to soar, there is strong reason to hope a good change is coming. COVID-19 deaths typically rise and fall in a pattern that follows two to four weeks behind a state’s case tallies.

The state’s caseload continued to decline for the third consecutive week, according to Friday’s report.

In fact, the 75,998 new cases added to Florida’s running caseload during most recent week gave Florida its first weekly new case total below 100,000 in eight weeks.

Florida had peaked around 150,000 new cases per week for three weeks running in late August, by far the most the Sunshine State had suffered in the 19-month pandemic. The last time Florida reported a lower weekly total of new cases was with the July 23 report, which recorded 73,166 more cases.


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Teri D. Springer
Teri D. Springer (@guest_62580)
2 years ago

“Despite a dubious social media post claiming otherwise, which was retweeted by the Executive Office of Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday, Florida’s COVID-19 death toll has risen every week since early July.”

I don’t believe ANY information coming out of the governor’s office. Once he fired the one person (and subsequently had her arrested a la a fascist dictator) I knew we couldn’t believe anything.

Barnes Moore
Barnes Moore(@barnes-moore)
2 years ago

Sadly, this could have all been avoided, not just in Florida, but across the country had our health care officials embraced early treatment protocols that included either Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin. You won’t find any reporting of this in the main stream media, so this will likely come as a shock to many reading, and will likely receive a number of challenges, but it is not hard to find by doing a little searching. Uttar Pradesh (UP) is a state in India with a population of somewhere between 210-240 million people depending on which news source reports on this story. That is roughly 2/3 the size of the US. They elected to do a mass distribution campaign of Ivermectin starting in late 2020. Once the campaign was underway, they saw dramatic drops in cases, hospitalizations, and mortality. They experienced a spike in cases in the April/May time frame when seasonal workers returned home from other states, but that spike was quickly dealt with when those returning were put on a treatment or preventative protocol using Ivermectin. In August 2020, UP had over 48,000 active cases, today it stands as I write this comment at 194 according to the Times of India – that is not a typo, that’s one-hundred-ninety-four. Their vaccinations as of early August stood at 6% and I believe it stands at 11% as of yesterday – so this achievement is not due to vaccines. This information is readily available, but you have to go to sites like Trialsitenews (subscription required) thedesertreview, horowitz, and a few others, but you won’t find this on NBC/CBS/ABC, the NYT or other MSM outlets. Also, UP is not an isolated case, similar results can be found in other Indian states that used Ivermectin, and states that did/do not continue to suffer similar consequences to what we are seeing here in the US. In fact, everywhere that Ivemectin has been widely used has seen case counts, hospitalizations, and mortality results greatly improved – no exceptions, but you won’t find that reported in the MSM – you have to dig for the info, but it is out there – start with the FLCCC website, or the bird dot org website.

Here is a blurb from Trialsite news that summarizes nicely the level of corruption in our media and government agencies. If protocols that included either HcQ or Ivermectin had been embraced early on, this pandemic would be under control by now:

Message and Media

Throughout COVID, the media has stepped into line like good soldiers in a war on disease, failing, in the process, to do its job. It gave government a pass on the dearth of outpatient care. It fostered the fiction that aggressively treating COVID is a right-wing construct. It dismissed vaccine side effects as rare. It enabled vast censorship.

News outlets might be excused for initially  minimizingfalling vaccine efficacy in this dynamic situation. But it cannot be excused for its politicization of and disdain for generic early treatments. As a mainstream community journalist for decades, with two books and many awards, I am appalled at what this profession has become.

Existing drugs could have relegated COVID to a manageable outpatient disease by the first half of 2021.

We have promising generics: ivermectin primarily but also fluvoxamine, hydroxychloroquine, budesonide and protocols that employ them with zinc, Vitamin D and the like. They have been suppressed around the globe, as countries – mainly, but not all, in the first world — have caved under pressure to conform to the U.S.-hatched strategy. 

In the white-hot frenzy of pack journalism, doctors’ licenses have been threatened, and reputations imperiled, including of a prison doctor who used ivermectin and kept inmates out of hospitals. Will nursing home practitioners, who told me of their own ivermectin success, be next in this witch hunt? Indeed, some had used it to control scabies and found a remarkable drop in COVID.

As the globe is buttressed by new variants, vaccine efficacy is being tested and so is that of ivermectin. Leading proponents are adjusting doses and adding to treatment cocktails as part of a logical ongoing effort: Use emerging science and clinical experience to learn what works. Although off-label use of approved drugs is well established — accounting for 21 percent of office prescriptions and half of oncology drugs – doctors have instead been told to follow only a few, patented, government-sanctioned treatments, available only in hospitals.

Who could blame them, in this heated environment, for not practicing medicine but following orders? Nonetheless, the forces of commerce and incompetence that have pushed a false narrative and demonized treatment for COVID must be held to account.

trialsitenews get-sicker-anatomy-of-a-failed-policy