Florida Department of Health
December 31, 2020

Editor’s Note: Nassau County reported a record 105 positive COVID-19 cases today. The State of Florida reported a record 16,653 cases today.

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Douglas Adkins
Douglas Adkins (@guest_59894)
1 year ago

I would strongly recommend that people think about staying home, ordering out and taking all steps necessary to get their loved ones vaccinated against this deadly pathogen. I have been battling this raging virus since March 2020 and have studied it closely in its long reaching effects on human health. This pathogen checks into your body and like many others, it appears it does not easily leave and continues to cause damage long after the initial “onslaught” of symptoms have passed. The bottomline what people need to know is avoid this pathogen, get the American vaccine and encourage others to get vaccinated. The vaccine is perfectly safe, even for those with underlying complex conditions. The vaccines are now available this next week in Nassau County according to http://www.onenassau.com – Dayspring Village and Dayspring Senior Living have decided to make vaccination of all employees a mandatory requirement due to the direct threat posed by SARS CoV2 in the workplace. We will be vaccinating on January 14th and January 16th at our two facilities.

Rebecca Diane Geigerman
Rebecca Diane Geigerman (@guest_59904)
1 year ago
Reply to  Douglas Adkins

Brilliant information and right on target.

Stay home, wear mask, social distance everywhere.

Ben Martin
Ben Martin (@guest_59915)
1 year ago

Fresh Air, Sunshine, vitamins, minerals, fruits, vegetables. Rest and Exercise. Wouldn’t that make your immune system strong? Do you really want Mr. Magoo tampering with your immune system?

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