Yulee teacher one of 9 US teachers chosen to pilot KUBO

PITSCO Education Media Release
May 9, 2018 4:00 p.m.

PITTSBURG, KS (May 9, 2018)— Nine teachers across the country have been selected to participate in a pilot program for KUBO, a new screenless coding solution for K-2 students. Among those selected is Jennifer Bozeman, Media Specialist, Wildlight Elementary School, Yulee, FL.

Pitsco Education, the sole distributor for KUBO in the US, selected the nine pilot sites from among hundreds of applicants eager to introduce coding to their young students.

“We were pleasantly surprised at the overwhelming interest in KUBO based on the number of applicants for the pilot program,” said Pitsco Education Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer Stephan Turnipseed. “That speaks to the growing appetite for coding and robotics not just at the high school and middle levels but also down into elementary and even early elementary.”

A screen-free coding solution for emergent readers, KUBO Robotics is an engaging, puzzle-like way for K-2 students to experience coding for the first time.

Other pilot sites and teachers include James Jones, Orlando, FL; Tim Vesco, Frontenac, KS; Cutia Blunt, Atlanta, GA; Lauren Johnson, Champaign, IL; LeeAnn Tuttle-Thomas, Lexington, NC; Natalie Vanderbeck, Pittsburg, KS; Jessica Malloy, Plano, TX; and Taína Montalvo-Teller, New York, NY.

Each teacher will receive a free four‐pack of the KUBO coding solution. As part of the pilot program, selected teachers will provide feedback to Pitsco Education developers and marketers about their overall experience with the product, content on the KUBO Education online portal, student engagement and reaction, and ideas for new resources or tweaks to the product.

Age appropriate in design and function, KUBO does not require a computer or other technology. In as few as five minutes, students and teachers can set up an activity mat and assemble the TagTiles™ to carry out specific movements, and then the two-wheeled robot is on its way. The robot automatically records the program as it rolls over the tiles and then, when triggered, carries out the stored code on an activity mat.

KUBO curriculum, the Coding License, introduces students to the four Cs of 21st-century learning – communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration – as well as computational thinking.

The KUBO Coding Single Set includes a USB charging cable, while the KUBO Coding 4-Pack comes with a multicharger box that can charge up to five robots in just two hours for four hours of use. Further details about KUBO Robotics as well as resources such as teacher guides and lists of science, technology, engineering, and math concepts that can be explored and learned are available at www.pitsco.com/KUBO.


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