Seven Seas Explorer continues to wait out COVID-19 near Fernandina

By Ed Boner
June 15, 2020

Update: It appears the Seven Seas Explorer cruise ship  is now anchored off shore near Fernandina Beach.   Word is the ship left Friday afternoon and on Sunday could be seen near a distant sea buoy.  A websearch on the ship confirmed it was was off shore as well.

Editor’s Note: A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to watch Ed Boner navigate his drone from the Centre Street docks to the Port of Fernandina. His goal was to capture photos of the “Seven Seas Explorer” docked at the Port of Fernandina to hunker down during COVID-19. As a licensed drone operator, Ed knows his stuff and carefully adheres to drone rules and regulations. Thanks Ed for letting me to join you and for sharing your photos with the Fernandina Observer.


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