Scheduling a vaccine – A step by step approach

Nassau County Emergency Management
January 6, 2020

The Eventbrite process seems to be the most frustrating aspect of the vaccine signup.   Nassau County Emergency Management has provided a visual of the step by step process shown below.

It is expected that the vaccine appointment opening will take place today, Wednesday, January 6 at 10:00 a.m.

To schedule an appointment once vaccine appointments are opened at 10:00 today click here.


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Carl McDonald
Carl McDonald (@guest_59956)
3 years ago

Having gone through this process on 1/6 at 10:00 it’s apparent the website of Nassau County Emergency Management is using servers that cannot handle the traffic. The problem does not seem to be with Eventbrite if the website of Nassau County Emergency Management crashes so no one can get to Eventbrite.

While we are discussing this, what about the 82 year old that may not have the knowledge, ability, or equipment to log on, refresh, etc.? What about those who cannot be sitting at their computers/phone at 10:00am?

Susan Steger
Susan Steger(@co-editor-2)
3 years ago
Reply to  Carl McDonald

According to Dr. Seidel, Director of the Florida Department of Health Nassau, those of us able-bodied people need to reach out to those we know who need help and assist them. Don’t forget, this is a massive effort for our community; a community compromised of a lot of elderly people.

Susan Ullah
Susan Ullah (@guest_59962)
3 years ago

This is so rediculous! Why does it have to be so complicated ? Was this event not planned for ahead of the distribution ? This is all political game playing with people’s lives! So sad!’

Carla Voisard
Carla Voisard (@guest_59964)
3 years ago

I have an Eventbrite login and hit the link as the notice went on and could not get in. I got to get a ticket but when I got in Eventbrite I was first told unavailable and the sold out! This is not a viable process for senior citizens.

Robert Weintraub
Trusted Member
Robert Weintraub(@rukbat23gmail-com)
3 years ago

Three causes for this snafu: The Nassau EM servers aren’t capable of such an immediate demand, which someone should have considered. The amount of vaccine available to Nassau is small so what’s available is very quickly subscribed. Then our wonderful Gov. DeSantis proclaimed the vaccine should be available to those 65 and older whereas the CDC had recommended it be made available to those 75 and over, thus significantly increasing the demand without providing the resources to meet the demand.

Eileen Widerman
Eileen Widerman (@guest_59981)
3 years ago

Could the allotted tickets be divided into four batches, each released at a different time during the day? Each batch would be offered by first letter of the last name. Example: 10:00 am A – F, 12:00 G – L, etc. This might help spread the demand and prevent the systems from crashing. Just a thought …….

Perry Anthony
Perry Anthony (@guest_59996)
3 years ago

FYI, the head of emergency management claims the website is a total success!! Apparently, local Nassau County residents highly disagree.

RM Rizzo
RM Rizzo (@guest_59997)
3 years ago

i tried several times each day it was available, and the site froze each time. I could never get the “tickets” word to even show up. Each day this week when Igot the text message, it was already too late. The website wasn’t built appropriately to handle the volume. if you refreshed it went into a tailspin and froze. My husband tried at the same time and he couldn’t get in either. when he finally did get through, it would only let him schedule his, and not mine as well though we are both over 65. although apparently medical people in the same office can schedule all at the same time.