Rotarians to take shifts at COVID-19 Call Center

By Regan Westra
Amelia Island Rotary Sunrise
February 4, 2021

Volunteers at Nassau County Emergency Management’s Call Center Operations.

” For 35 years or more, Rotary has been committed to the eradication of Polio. Through the years, we have been very successful in our efforts to rid the world of this terrible virus: today, there are fewer than 100 cases in the whole world.

Rotary is also a service organization. Our motto is “Service Above Self”, and our club has distinguished itself for doing what we can to help our community; whether by helping Barnabas serve, deliver or hand out food; contributing to a local playground; planting trees in the city or at the nearby Elementary School; clearing Micah’s Place grounds and assisting with their fundraiser; packing meals for Rise Against Hunger; or supporting any number of other causes.

Covid-19 has rocked the entire world; from changing how we learn, do business,, worship, celebrate, and socialize; to attacking 24.5+ million people and taking more than 400,000 lives in the US alone and 84 in our own county. Mercifully, a vaccine has been developed and found to be highly effective but municipalities throughout the country have, by and large, not been able to develop an efficient process for scheduling and deploying the vaccine to date.

Nassau County has been no more successful in getting people vaccinated with a smoothly running process, nor efficient communication process. Methods are being developed and improved daily.

Rotary Club of Amelia Island Sunrise, along with other area Rotary Clubs will supply volunteers to staff the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) phonebank, through which people are scheduled to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Let’s help get as many people in Nassau Co. vaccinated as want to be so we can return to “normal” as soon as possible!

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