Rayonier Advanced Materials awards $60,000 in scholarships to six high school students

Rayonier Advanced Materials
Press Release
Contact: Ryan Houck

June 8, 2018 12:58 p.m.

Rayonier Advanced Materials Inc. (NYSE: RYAM) announced today that it awarded $60,000 in scholarships to six local high school students through its annual program to bolster education opportunities for future engineers.

“This is an incredibly exciting opportunity, both for these students and for Rayonier Advanced Materials,” said Paul Boynton, CEO of Rayonier Advanced Materials. “Not only are we able to help young students from our communities pursue their college dreams and gain firsthand experience, we also benefit from their new talents and energy. Congratulations to all of the RYAM scholarship recipients; your families and communities are very proud of you.”

The RYAM Scholarship is unique; not only does it contribute $10,000 toward recipients’ four year degrees, it also offers a paid internship to scholarship winners as rising juniors in college. Eligible applicants must be seniors and attend high school within 45 miles of either RYAM’s Jesup or Fernandina Beach plant. In addition, applicants must have plans to enroll in an engineering program at approved universities.

Jay Posze, senior vice president of human resources at Rayonier Advanced Materials, said the RYAM Scholarship was designed to help local students obtain good degrees and find highquality job opportunities when they return home. “If these talented young people settle elsewhere after college, we don’t want a lack of opportunity to be the reason,” said Posze. “We have a vested interest. Not just as a company, but as parents, neighbors and members of the communities we serve.”

Students interested in applying for next year’s scholarship may visit www.RYAMScholarship.com to learn more.

2017 RYAM Scholarship Awardees:

Daniel Faltemier – Stanton Preparatory High School; University of Florida
Raymond Pace – West Nassau County High School; University of Florida
Josie Kilburn – Fernandina Beach High School; University of Florida
Connor Sweat – Brantley County High School; University of Georgia
Ryan Rush – Jeff Davis High School; Georgia Southern University
Ross Rush – Jeff Davis High School; Georgia Southern University

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