Nassau County vaccine appointments on hold – No appointment scheduling this week

Information from
Dave Richardson
Nassau County Emergency Management
Public Relations Officer
January 12, 2021

For individuals who wish to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination, you must wait. According to Dave Richardson, Emergency Management Public Relations Officer, “Nassau County did not receive from the state any additional allotments of vaccine this week. We will not be scheduling this week and cannot schedule any new appointments until Nassau County receives additional vaccine from the state. As of today, we do not know when the next allotment will be made available for Nassau County.”

On a positive note, Richardson said, “appointments were scheduled last week for “shots in the arm” this week, including today. Approximately, 400 appointments were booked for all of this week.”

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Joanna Murphy
Joanna Murphy (@guest_60047)
3 years ago

Can somebody explain why Nassau County hasn’t received any new doses? Other counties in the area seem to be moving faster.

anne martin
anne martin (@guest_60055)
3 years ago

so what percentage of the people who tried to get appointment does the 400 actually represent? Seems like we should be doing better than vaccinating less than the 620 that tested positive on 1/3/21.

David Britt
David Britt (@guest_60058)
3 years ago

Let’s see – – 40 doses – – how many thousand folks in the county? This could take a while, but we’ll be out of the woods anytime now NOT