Nassau County to open beach to driving on Friday, May 15th

By Cindy Jackson
May 13, 2020

As of 8am Friday, May 15th, 2020, beach driving in Nassau County will be allowed once more. This is a result of a temporary order only and some restrictions apply.

The Board of County Commissioners will be considering a permanent change to beach rules and regulations at a later date (possibly the end of June). That date has been suggested in hopes that Covid-19 social distancing requirements will be relaxed by then so that a public hearing can be held allowing as many members of the public who wish to participate the opportunity to do so.

For now, beach driving will be allowed for Nassau County residents only. And, as part of the Phase One Plan for Re-opening the State of Florida, as outlined by Governor DeSantis, individuals must maintain a distance of six feet and there can be no gatherings of more than 10 people.

In addition:

• access points will be limited to Peters Point and Burney Park/American Beach
• the speed limit will be 10 mph
• no alcohol consumption is allowed and cars and coolers will be subject to searches
• only four wheel or all-wheel vehicles will be allowed
• individuals must be off the beaches and out of parking areas by 9pm which is a restriction in place as part of the Endangered Species Act which goes to protecting the turtle nesting season

County Manager/County Attorney Mike Mullin and Assistant County Manager Taco Pope, reiterated numerous times during this morning’s meeting of the BOCC that the plan outlined is only temporary – part of an Emergency Order (NOT a permanent order) provided for because of a special situation. In this case, the situation is the Covid-19 pandemic which is similar to evacuation orders or curfews put into affect during a hurricane.

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Nancy Dickson
Nancy Dickson(@nancyjackathenshotmail-com)
3 years ago

WHY? The island is full of roads for cars. Since there are few sidewalks, the beach is one of the few places people can walk without having to worry about being run over and where we can breath clean air, not exhaust fumes. The large pickups create huge ruts that are dangerous for turtles trying to nest. Really? Can’t we have one single place on the island that is pedestrian friendly?

Terri Mauldin
Terri Mauldin (@guest_57649)
3 years ago
Reply to  Nancy Dickson

The beach driving has already caused injury to people & nests. BOCC, please use this time wisely to STOP beach driving. If not permanently at least STOP night driving & camping. Mullins and Pope are charged with protecting our island, citizens and visitors, please do your job!

Evan Nosbig
Evan Nosbig (@guest_57650)
3 years ago

American Beach access to vehicles is about 1/2 a mile long, less at Peter’s Point and at Scott Road it’s under 100 yards With 13 miles of beach on Amelia Island, and more than 40 access points, there’s plenty of access to vehicle free beach areas. Simple solution, if the vehicles bother you, avoid the drive on beach areas.