Nassau County Sheriff’s Office responds to report of vicious hate speech messages

By Susan Hardee Steger
October 1, 2020

On September 27, the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department responded to a complaint that a man in a vehicle with a handicap license tag, had thrown hate filled signs in the yards of two Yulee African-American residents. Upon arrival, the deputy was shown the following messages written on cardboard: “Black lives matter only when they are dead; Black on black crimes is a beautiful thing; F _ _ _ commie Biden too; and [Omitted word] lives don’t f _ _ _ _ _ _ matter.” We have chosen not to show photographs of the messages given to the Fernandina Observer due to the offensive language.

Using information provided by the complainant, the deputy was able to locate the individual who placed the sign. According to the case report, ” . . . I made contact with the resident, Mr. ______, who immediately admitted to making the signs and throwing them on the complainant’s property. Mr. ________ stated he did it out of spite. Mr. _________ stated he understood it was wrong and that he attempted to go back and pick them up, but by the time he did, the signs were already gone. Mr. _______ said he would apologize to the complaint and her family for the incident and stated it would never happen again. We advised Mr. ________ against making contact with the complainant at this time, due to the seriousness of the speech and the current emotional state of the complainant. ”

The deputy went back to the complainant and reported on the interaction with Mr. ______. “The complainant stated she just wanted law enforcement to be aware of the situation and was advised to call law enforcement back if additional incidents regarding similar behavior by Mr. _____ or anyone else occurred.

At the end of the report, the deputy noted, “the complainant and her neighbor had Biden signs in their yards while Mr. ______ had Trump political signs in the front of his property.”

Editor’s Note:  The Nassau County Case report omitted the name of the complainant.  Although the name of the subject who admitted that he tossed the signs onto the complainant’s property was included, we decided not to disclose his name.

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