Nassau County School District Opens Satellite Offices

Nassau County School District
Media Release
April 3, 2018

Do you ever have the need to visit the Nassau County School District Office located at 1201 Atlantic Avenue?  Do you find yourself driving 20 plus miles to get there?  Is it a trip that takes you more than an hour these days?  Perhaps we have a solution.  On April 2ndThe Nassau County School District will open two satellite offices.  The Westside location will be at 45021 3rdAvenue, Callahan,and the Yulee location will be at 86207 Felmore Road. 

These locations will allow the school district to have an office in Fernandina, Yulee and also on the Westside.  Parents and community members can reduce their commute by more than half.  The offices will provide a place for parent meetings, employee meetings, staff meetings, and support.  If you have questions or would like to schedule a meeting at one of our locations, please call 491-9900.  We will continue to strive for excellence as we work every day for the safety and success of students in the Nassau County School District.