Nassau County Receives 2022 Sustainabiity Award for SR 200 Corridor Master Plan

Press Release
Sabrina Robertson
June 27, 2022


Nassau County, Florida, June 24, 2022 – Nassau County has received its second award for the State Road 200 Corridor Master Plan. The first award was an Award of Excellence in Planning from the Northeast Florida Regional Council earned in January 2022. This most recent award is the 2022 Sustainability Award from the Florida Planning and Zoning Association (FPZA) which was earned for creating a plan that improves on and harmonizes with the natural environment. This plan was the result of a two-year planning initiative which consisted of online citizen surveys, interviews and community meetings in which stakeholders were asked to share their thoughts about the State Road 200/A1A Corridor.

This process revealed that county residents, young and old, share a desire for a safe, comfortable, and attractive corridor that connects them to the places they are seeking access to. They also desire more trees, sidewalk/bicycle paths, and gathering spaces such as parks and public markets. At the Board of County Commissioner’s meeting held on December 13, 2021, the Board adopted a Resolution approving the SR200/A1A Corridor Master Plan which will serve as the blueprint for plan implementation through upcoming comprehensive plan policies and land development code standards. Joseph Quinn, Senior Project Manager for the Southwest Florida Water Management District and President of the FPZA, stated, “The Nassau County State Road 200/A1A Corridor Master Plan reflects the incredible long-range vision of staff, residents, businesses owners, and others to foster a sense of community and connectivity not traditionally seen in such car-centric corridors. The broad stakeholder engagement in the Master Plan development is a testament to the community’s desire to create a vibrant, connected, and sustainable corridor addressing enhanced livability for both current and future residents. Given the exceptional aspects of the State Road 200/A1A Master Plan, the Florida Planning and Zoning Association was extremely excited to present Nassau County with the 2022 Sustainability Award!” Nassau County recognizes that the current pattern of development along the SR200/A1A Corridor is not fiscally sustainable, nor does it represent the interests of the community. With the recent widening of SR200 to six lanes, its wide vehicle travel ways, unshaded sidewalks, and unprotected bike lanes, automobile transportation is prioritized.

Nassau County’s goal is to establish nodes of compact, walkable areas along the corridor, linked by safe routes for bicycling and future transit, while creating a sense of place and historic identity. Five planning priorities identified include:
• Nurture Nature: Maintain, enhance, and extend the natural environment by creating opportunities for residents to access and enjoy Florida’s unique natural areas.
• Grow Sustainably: Help stage vibrant shopping center and neighborhood growth through development that creates places for people, supports local businesses, and generates additional jobs, encourage active lifestyles, and comprises a mix of housing options.
• Connect Communities: Improve linkages between neighborhoods, shopping centers, and amenities through a network of slow, safe and livable primary and secondary streets, trails, bike paths, and pedestrian infrastructure.
• Catalyze Culture: Build on heritage while establishing new cultural assets that celebrate community creativity and identity in the public realm.
• Future Proof: Prepare for a future by looking ahead to build a resilient community in the face of growing climate concern and technological advancement. The State Road 200 Corridor Master Plan outlines Low Impact Design (LID) principles that work with nature to manage stormwater and preserving natural landscape features. It also includes guidelines for maintaining natural areas and protecting viewsheds along the corridor which would be accomplished by strategic acquisition of parcels along the State Road 200 corridor.

County Manager, Taco Pope, stated, “The State Road 200 Corridor Master Plan- The Timber to Tides Project charts a path towards a more resilient and people centric development program that prioritizes quality-of-life and generational sustainability. I am proud to have been part of the planning team that delivered this project to the citizens of Nassau County”.

The Master Plan can be accessed at Adopted?bidId=

If you have any questions about the SR200/A1A Corridor Master Plan, please contact the Nassau County Planning Department at (904) 530-6300 or email [email protected].

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Mary Maguire
Mary Maguire(@memaguireaol-com)
1 year ago

Viewshed? You should specify that this is west of I-95 – because east of I-95, the roadway is a messy mix of parking lots, big box stores, fast food restaurants, auto dealers and electronic flash signs, unprotected bike lanes and two-story billboards that were never authorized by county code.