Nassau County Medical Society sends a message to those not vaccinated against COVID-” . . . our hospital is overflowing”

Nassau County Emergency Management
July 22, 2021


Local physicians stand united in recommending immunization against Coronavirus Disease 2019 (CoViD-19) for everyone who is medically able to receive the vaccine. The Nassau County Medical Society sent a joint letter to the Emergency Operations Center endorsing vaccination for everyone eligible.

The vaccine offers very good protection against multiple variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and has been proven to significantly reduce the likelihood of severe illness, hospitalization, and death in those who do get infected.

Dr. Chip Ross has 40 years of experience as a physician specializing in Emergency Medicine. He has reviewed Nassau County’s recent CoViD data, and after working several shifts in BMC-Nassau’s Emergency Room in the past week, stated publicly during Monday’s Fernandina Beach City Commission meeting:

“More than 99% of the patients being hospitalized with CoViD — and our hospital is overflowing — are not fully vaccinated. The CoViD vaccines are highly effective in preventing severe disease. I’m vaccinated, my wife is vaccinated, my sister is vaccinated, as are her daughter and son-in-law, who are both emergency room doctors…. If asked, I would advise anyone attending this meeting to do likewise. I would urge anyone who is not vaccinated to get vaccinated as soon as possible, both for their own sake and to protect their families and the public at large.”

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Eric Sever
Eric Sever (@guest_61764)
2 years ago

I have to admit, didn’t see this one coming. After all the misery we suffered in 2020, didn’t fathom there would be such vaccine resistance.

Teresa Daymon
Teresa Daymon (@guest_61868)
2 years ago

You say send a message to the unvaccinated people what about the vaccinated people they can catch it they can spread it but yet they’re all running around in Nassau County in the stores without mask coughing without covering their mouth I’ve noticed it I’ve seen it what about the people that have health issues that is kind of scared to get the shot why don’t you protect us I have health issues I wear my mask wherever I go if I’m in the store I got a mask on the vaccinated need to protect the unvaccinated and by opening the island for people to come in from New York and all of them places that were highly contagious was the wrong thing to do we didn’t have that many Cova people until you guys started getting visitors I think that was wrong and I think it’s wrong for you to pull off the mask mandate I think everybody should wear a mask if you’re going into a store not just to protect them but to protect us that can’t get vaccinated because of our health problems because they’ve already stated whether you’ve been vaccinated or unvaccinated you can still pass this virus , people protect The ones that have health problems that can’t get vaccinated because of it protect us wear your mask it’s no big deal just wear the damn thing