Nassau County issues statement on recent Raydient vs Nassau County “Partial Summary Judgement”

Nassau County
Sabrina Robertson
Public Information Officer
Press Release
June 19, 2020

On June 10, 2020, Judge Daniel issued an Order Granting Partial Summary Judgment as to Count VI in the case of Raydient and the East Nassau Stewardship District vs. Nassau County. Several individuals have reached out asking for the County’s comment. The County cannot provide specific comments due to the current litigation. In general, the ruling does not adversely affect the County’s position.

The County Commission’s goal is and has been fair contributions for public recreation in the County, including the Stewardship District. In 2017, information was provided by Raydient to the County Commission regarding recreational funding by the Stewardship District. This information, along with other related documents, can be found on our website at www.nassaucountyfl.com under “Quick Links…BOCC Statement on Raydient/ENCPA”. We encourage residents to review all the information we have made available to them to formulate an opinion on this very important issue.


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