Nassau County holds 2nd Public Outreach Series on Telecommunications Master Plan

Submitted by Adrienne Burke
Nassau County Dept. of Planning & Economic Opportunity
March 11, 2018 5:00 p.m.

The Telecommunications Master Plan is a county-wide (including municipalities) plan that identifies and assesses existing wireless communications facilities, determines gaps in existing coverage and provides recommendations for design and siting of future facilities. The analysis will facilitate the development of a wireless telecommunications network that is efficient and will meet the future needs of Nassau County. The purpose of the plan is to provide adequate network service while minimizing visual impacts of the telecommunications infrastructure and maintaining the aesthetics of the community. The plan will also serve as a guide for developing policy for future wireless infrastructure.

For more information, visit the Nassau County Telecom Master Plan page on the Nassau County Department of Planning & Economic Opportunity website. You may also contact Adrienne Burke with that department at (904) 530-6300 or [email protected].